Welcome to Direct Battery Solutions

Direct Battery Solutions is one of the UK’s leading independent battery specialists, supplying the best batteries at the best prices for all commercial, industrial and consumer leisure applications. We deliver to retailers, distributors, businesses and general public throughout the UK every day. Next-day delivery available.

Powering Industry & Business
We stock industrial batteries to power everything for businesses from cars to commercial vehicles, floor cleaners to forklifts, scissor lifts to security systems,  road sweepers to renewable energy systems. We supply every type of technology including traditional flooded lead acid batteries and sealed lead acid batteries, VRLA battteries, AGM batteries  and GEL batteries.


Powering Leisure & Lifestyle
We also stock batteries to power leisure and lifestyle activities, including mobility batteries for powerchairs and mobilty scooters, and leisure batteries for caravans, motorhomes, boats, yachts and jetskis. Our leading edge golf battery range provides the best in battery technology for powered golf trolleys and golf carts.


Our world leading suppliers and brands include LEOCH Batteries, MONBAT Batteries and ENERGY Batteries, supplied by AJAX Batteries.